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Hydrofoil Mounting Solution

Foil mounting solution is a universal, compatible with almost all boards on the market. Hydrofoil mounting plate, works greate with:

  • kitefoil kite boards like directional, wave
  • windsurfing boards
  • SUP – standUp paddle boards.
  • many types of surfboards
  • wake boards

Mount hydrofoil to any board. It’s universal, fit’s to any foil and almost any board. Repair HydroFoil board with Foil2Board



Easy On, Easy Off, foil mount system


Convert wave board to kitefoil and back to your favourite wave. This is not permanent solution. Unscrew 4 bolts and remove whole foil mounting solution.

After detaching mounting base You’ll not feel any distortion on a bottom of the board. foil2board is a universal foil mount solution for any solid wood or any foam  flat bottom board with our carbon inserts 

Kite Shop

foil2board kite shop – Buy foil2board mounting solutions.



Buy foil2board mounting solution


universal hydrofoil mounting system

foil2board – Universal Foil to any Board Mounting Plate


Mount HydroFoil to any board, with Foil2Board


Hydrofoil Mouting Plate for any flat bottom directional Kite, windsurfing & SUP boards


Foil mounting

Foil to board mounting plate is a simple idea to convert Your directional board into hydrofoil board without spending lot of money. Universal Foil Mounting system for Any Foil to any board mounting solution.



The Foil2Board palette allows to:


– Install the hydrofoil for each directional board – if you already have one you do not need to buy a dedicated board

– Due to the rails system, the position of the foil can be adjusted to a very large extent – the total length of the adjustment rails is 284mm

– For foil with a spacing of 90 × 140 mm (eg Cabrinha or Liquid Force) the foil pallet allows the mast to move 72mm backward or 72mm forward from the middle position.

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Kite boards conversion to Kitefoil with foil2board mounting system.

Kiteboard into kitefoil

any board to kitefoil board conversion kit.

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