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May 13 2017

any Kite board to Kitefoil conversion

any Kite board to foil board conversion kit

any directional kite  to kite foil conversion kit : foil2board is simple invention that allow mount foil to any conventional board without ‘loosing’ this desk. Unscrew 4 bolts for your favourite kite wave board. Add foil2board, screw 4 bolt for great kite foil board.


Kitefoil is connection of directional race Kite board with hydrofoil. Kite foiling with race kites on best your own hydrofoil board with foil mount


universal foil mounting plate

– Having an Foil2Board foil mount universal plate you have unlimited possibilities to choose the freelance (wave, kiterace, wave) you like – without having to quickly set the right foil position on the board without drilling additional holes or pasting the next inserts.
– Adjusting foil position on board using the Foil2Board mounting plate will be helpful when you want to swim once in foostrap and once strapless or when one set will use several riders of different weight and different habits to set on board

…for any flat bottom board. 



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